Accelerates FTP, HTTP

The JCSoft ‘s BurstTCP technology of the TCP optimization can speed up the operation of all the network software that employs the TCP/IP, including FTP and HTTP.
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Accelerates Web server

If you set up the software on your server, it will increase the website visit speed of the remote users.
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Accelerates CDN server

If you set up the software on your CDN cashe server, it will increase the TCP transfer speed of the cashe server and improve all service quality.
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Accelerates huge file transfer

If you are transferring a big-size data to your partner abroad through FTP or P2P, the software will help you to increase by 2-10 times.
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Accelerates all types upload speed

FastUpload acceleration software speed up upload all types of files on based TCP / IP.

Support various Operating Systems

Windows XP/7/8/2003/2008 & Linux CentOS/ Redhat All versions supported.